Operating hours:
Monday to Friday : 11am - 9pm
Saturday, Sunday & PH : 11am -7pm

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday : 11am - 9pm
Saturday, Sunday & PH : 11am -7pm

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Y U N O H A N A ゆのはな literally means soup of flowers, referring to the hot springs suffused with trace minerals. The name originates from the appearance of these minerals resembling blooming flowers in water. In the Tamagawa Hot Spring in the Akita Prefecture of Japan, the raw form hokutolite is brought about by the accumulation of minerals and brought to the surface by the water from the hot springs.

何谓汤之花? 泛指温泉底下的沉淀矿物通称为汤之花,其 中夹杂许多由温泉从地球地壳中带出的矿物质, 但全世界仅有秋田县玉川温泉及台湾北投温泉 有北投石成份。

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As the only spa in Singapore harnessing the energy of hokutolite, we are passionate about helping you advance to your best quality of life.

We offer therapies, integrating and combining the precious Hokutolite stone, far infrared rays and negatively charged ions (anions). Our mission is to provide experiences that raise the bar in the wellness industry. We believe we’ll accomplish this by delivering unconventional health therapies for you to heal, rejuvenate, improve blood circulation, increase immunity and metabolism.


In 1905 when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, Yohachiro Okamoto, discovered some hot spring sediments in the form of crystalized minerals.This mineral was found in Tamagawa Hotspring, Akita, Japan. Situated in the snowy mountains of Akita Prefecture in northern Honshu, the hot spring has served as a medical retreat for many since pre-Meji times. The area is now conserved as a national park. Tamagawa Onsen’s special hokutolite therapy is known as the healing hot spring which cures various diseases.

北投石,1905 年由北投石的发现者日本知名矿物学研究家岡本幺八郎发现的稀有的温泉矿石,全球仅有日本玉川温泉为矿石出产地,前中研院院长李远哲博士于清华大学研究论文即以北投石为研究主题。目前大受欢迎的岩盤浴,源自于日本秋田玉川温泉,是一种躺在温热天然矿石岩盤上,让身体由内部暖和温热促使大量发汗的干式温泉,是不使用水的泡澡方式。

In 1912, Professor Kotara Jimbo from the Tokyo Imperial University of Japan displayed the specimen of this new mineral and named it “Hokutolite” in an international mineralogy conference held at St. Petersburg in Russia. A part of the Hokutolite gathered by Mr. Okamoto has been preserved at the National Taiwan Museum.

Mainly milky white or yellowish brown in color, Hokutolite finds its major chemical components in BaSO 4 and PbSO 4• The most distinctive feature of Hokutolite is its rare trace elements. After nearly a century of research, Beitou and the Tamagawa Hot Spring of Akita County in Japan remain the world’s only two places hosting Hokutolite, testifying to the rarity and preciousness of this unique mineral.

The benefits of Hokutolite stone today has been scientifically proven of its effects and benefits by doctors, researchers and scientists to alleviate symptoms of cancer and incurable diseases by increasing the internal body temperature. It helps the body rid toxic heavy metals through substantial sweating while allowing injured body parts to undergo gene repair and cell restoration.

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The benefits of Hokutolite stone today has been scientifically proven of its effects and benefits by Japanese doctors.  It is also medically proven to reduce the risk of cancer.

The combination of the 3 trace elements allows the body to be heated from within, therefore the sweat produced from the therapy (sebaceous gland – commonly only activated when a person has jogged for 30km) is different from typical sweat. The Japanese call this the “Clean Sweat”.

Japanese Onsen


Bedrock Spa Therapy is a bath method without using water, also known as dried bath or dried onsen. It involves lying on a bed of rocks containing natural minerals at temperatures up to 40and a humidity of about 60-70% to enjoy the low temperature sauna with far infrared rays and anions.

Yunohana’s Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy today has been scientifically proven of its effects and benefits by various research professionals to test its utility in terms of eliminating harmful substances of the body. According to Japan’s Chiba Prefecture Health Hospital and Dr Ota, founder of Hokutolite stones and a few researchers, the Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy is also beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer. Once body temperature is increased, the body’s metabolism and immune system are also boosted.

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Stationed in five-star hotels – Evergreen Resort Hotel, Alishan House, Fuli Hot Spring Resort and Radium Kagaya International Hotel.

Popular with well-known clinics – Younglize Clinic, Zen Heart Chinese Medicine Group, etc. International brands – Japan, Taiwan, United States, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, etc.

Popular with celebrities – well-known supermodels, hosts, artists, etc.

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