Yunohana’s Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy

Currently very much in demand with the ladies in Japan, the Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa is the application of the research behind a unique ore, hokutolite. Based in the Akita district of Japan, the Tamagawa Hot Spring is the one and only source of this precious stone. The Japanese believe that the radiating heat from volcanoes activated the remedial properties of the hokutolite; the far infrared rays, high concentrations of anions and essential trace elements– the 3 crucial components of the Yunohana’s Hokutolite Bedrock Stone Spa.

Trace elements, minerals existing in trace amounts, are crucial for our bodily functions, but not easily accessible in our daily lives. Yunohana Bedrock Stone Spa is a therapy that integrates heat and energy to elevate our body functions to the optimal levels. As you relax atop our spa bedchamber, your body temperature is increased to an optimum range, rejuvenating and detoxifying your body, mind and soul. A 45-minute bedrock stone spa is equivalent to a 30 km jog!

Fortunately, you can enjoy these healing benefits without making a trip to Japan, right here at Yunohana in Singapore!

Our 45-minute Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy from Japan emits 500,000 anions, far infrared rays and trace energy to detox, rejuvenate and repair the body from the inside out.

Trace Minerals

  1. Increase Immunity
  2. Reduce Free Radicals
  3. Reduce Cell Death Time
  4. Inhibits Cancer
  5. Balance Hormones
  • Nervous System: Neuralgia, Neuritis
  • Prevents Fatigue, Promotes Health, Enhance and Improves Physical Fitness
  • Muscular System: Arthritis, Stiff Shoulders, Waist Pain.
  • Digestive: Chronic Gastritis, Digestive System Dysfunction From Autonomic Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular: Diabetes, Mild Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure
  • Respiratory: Chronic Dermatitis, Dermatitis With Order
  • Gynaecological: Menstrual Disorder
  • Fat Burning: Weight Loss
  • Regeneration and Activation of New Cells
High Concentrations of Anions

  1. Purifies Blood
  2. Activates Cells
  3. Balances Autonomic Nervous System


  • Central Nervous System: Improves Brains Function, Increase Mental Efficiency, Improve Sleep
  • Autonomic Nervous System: Improves Stress Management, Balance Function of ANS
  • Respiratory System: Promotes Expectoration, Improves Flow, Improves Lung Function
  • Cardiovascular System: Regulates Blood Pressure, Balances Heart Rate, Improves Myocardial Function
  • Immune System: Improves Immunity, Increase Haemoglobin Levels
  • Others: Improves Gastric Secretion, Increase Appetite, Enhance Metabolism, Body Development, Help Wound Healing.

    1. Promotes Blood Circulation
    2. Alleviates Pain



  • Characteristics of Far Infrared Ray & Health
    Enhance the physiological redox relation, reduces accumulation of excess fat, improves physical health.
  • Insulation Effect: Reduce energy consumption, maintains health
  • Promotes Perspiration and Excretes
  • Subcutaneous Fat
    Effect: Exercise, Beauty, Health. Note: Increase intake of water
  • Recuperate Muscle and Neurological Related Disease
    Positive effects to creatine, lactic acid and liver function. Releases nervousness, tension and depressed feeling.
  • Alleviates pain and Helps with Inflammation
    Activates immunity

The chart below is the study result of 100 participants after undergoing the Hokutolite Bedrock Spa Therapy after 1 to 4 times by the University of Tokyo.

Efficacy of the hokutolite bedrock bath (Analysis from ARDK for 100 testers)