Yunohana’s Hokutolite Thermotherapy

A gentle warmth and a resonating effect that penetrates into the lymphatic glands, blood and nerve cells in the body.

Through a gentle warmth, our body’s cells in the warmed area are activated to product large amounts of HSPs (Heat Shocking Protein). Heat shock proteins, mainly Hsp70 or Hsp90, alert the immune cells to the antigens, make healthy cells stronger by protecting cells against stress and injuries, making you more resistant to diseases.

As such, our cell immunity is triggered to heal the injured regions of our body. In improving our various systems’ functions, hormone secretion is activated and strengthening the function of our nervous & muscular systems, increasing immunity.

It truly helps you achieve a thorough wellness effect that seeps deep into our organs.

真心热温热疗法的温热及共振效果可渗透淋巴腺、血管及神经细胞等部位. 借由温热部位的细胞产生大量的HSPs (热刺激蛋白), 而提升细胞的免疫力,去修复受伤部位,改善各器官的功能, 刺激荷尔蒙的分泌,加强神经肌肉运作,提高免疫力. 是一种真正深达内脏的保健方法.

Suitable for individuals with:

  • a cold body constitution, chronic body aches
  • accumulation of lactic acid, poor circulation & metabolism




Therapy Course Content

  • Loosening of tendons, deep penetrating, gentle warmth and lymph node acupoint activation
  • Powerful penetration
  • Japanese Yunohana’s Hokutolite Thermotherapy master’s teach in person of the therapy & it techniques




日本真心热温热疗法老师亲自授课 技术认证